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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKGP) is specially designed to introduce pleasurable food education to students during their learning years to form positive food habits for life. 

Here at Bondi Public School, our garden specialist Fiona encourages students to make a connection between their environment in the garden and the food which they eat.  Their journey begins with growing plants from seed all the way to harvest, while learning seasonal growth and incorporating sustainable practices.

The SAKGP encourages the students to build on their critical thinking and teamwork. The students are involved in the whole process from garden to plate and develop an understanding and love for real fresh food that they have grown and cooked. 

Samantha, the kitchen specialist, prepares nutritious recipes showcasing the seasonal produce from our organic garden. Students enhance their food knowledge and cooking skills using an array of cooking and preparation methods. They challenge their palates and senses by making delicious meals they prepare together in groups to share as a class.

The program is designed to be fully integrated into the curriculum and gives a hands-on approach to literacy, numeracy, science, cultural studies and all aspects of environmental responsibility. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is designed to take them beyond the classroom and give them the tools to make positive food choices for life.