Bondi Public School

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At Bondi Public School Library, our vision is to provide a flexible teaching and learning environment that stimulates interest and enthusiasm for learning; provides variety according to class, group or individual needs; and supports the Quality Teaching framework.

Our mission is to foster a love of reading and provide an innovative whole school learning program that focuses on teaching the evaluation of information and digital literacies through guided inquiry, within the context of classroom programs, linked to syllabus outcomes and supporting Quality Teaching.

Our Values

The library is a place for everyone

Bondi Public School library is the hub of the school where all the members of our school community are welcome to come and meet.

It’s a place for teaching and learning where collaboration is valued, and inquiring minds are created. 

Providing valuable resources and teaching tools

Providing the very best resources and tools available, to the whole school community.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is valued and cultivated here to help create 21st century learners. 

Delivering stimulating and engaging lessons and learning experiences

Provide learning experiences that allow students to learn from their own investigation of information resources.

Encourage the development of discerning reading, viewing and listening skills.

Provide and advocate the use of innovative ICT and support its effective use across learning areas. 

Committed to professionalism and leadership

Always encourage intellectual freedom and promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interests of all Australians and a thriving culture and democracy.

Exercise responsibility within the context of duty of care for the clients of the library and information services we offer.

Connect people with ideas.

Commitment to literacy, information and digital literacy, and learning.

Leader and mentor in guided inquiry, information and digital literacy.

Leader and mentor in reading and literacy development.