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Fair Discipline Policy


The Public Schools of New South Wales exist to provide a first-class education for all young people. The public school system has three over-riding priorities:

  • Raising educational standards and levels of educational achievement;
  • The provision of quality education for all; and
  • The care and safety of the students in its charge.

In achieving these priorities, it provides young people with their foundation for life.

The priorities at Bondi Public School are to:

  • develop a school atmosphere based on trust, fairness and respect.
  • promote a positive, supportive and effective learning community.


We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning School and our school rules are:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be a Learner
  3. Be Respectful

Guidelines for Students

1. You are at school to learn.

  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy learning
  • Participate in the classroom
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Be polite
  • Keep your books and belongings tidy and neat and in their proper place
  • Try your hardest
  • Aim for quality work and behaviour
  • Do your work on time
  • Be in class on time

2. Be safe at school

You should be able to be at school without:

  • Being bullied
  • Hearing bad language Remember to
  • To stay in the school grounds
  • Report unsafe behaviour
  • Use a pass to leave the supervised area of the playground
  • Don’t feed the birds
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Follow the teachers instructions
  • Play only where you are allowed
  • Keep away from all machinery and vehicles
  • Eat only your own food
  • Leave sticks and stones on the ground
  • Wear your school uniform including your hat

3. Leave unsuitable and unsafe objects at home

Do not bring things that could hurt other people or that are precious to you such as toys, games, expensive items.

Bondi Public School is a happy place

Remember to:

  • Be a good sport
  • Try to work out problems positively
  • Be kind and considerate to others
  • Help new and lonely children
  • Be tolerant of others mistakes
  • Understand and respect that others are different
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Behave reasonably
  • Play games fairly
  • Be polite to visitors
  • Attend school every day (unless legally excused)

Classroom rules

At the beginning of each year, class teachers will develop with their class a set of class rules and expectations. These will be positively stated and prominently displayed.

Strategies to recognise and reinforce student achievement

Positive reinforcement of student achievement and behaviour is one of the basic principles of the Student Welfare Policy at Bondi Public School.

Rewards include:

Teacher Awards for classroom and playground achievements. When 20 awards are reached, students receive recognition and a certificate at Assembly. When 100 awards are reached, students receive a Principal’s Award and photograph is displayed on Principal Award Board.

Verbal praise and encouragement


Assembly Awards and certificates

Commendations in school newsletter

Notes to parents

Attendance Awards

Recognition at parent meetings

Medal of Merit. Awarded at Presentation Day to students who have clearly demonstrated cooperation, participation and thoughtfulness throughout the year. Decision will be reached by a panel of teachers.


Sometimes pupils break school rules. When this happens there needs to be some form of sanction so that the pupils are reminded of the rules of the school and of their responsibilities to help keep those rules.

Generally the following sanctions will apply to breaches of school rules (These may not be applied in this order). However, each situation that occurs must be judged on its effect on the total school population and on individual students.

Strategies for dealing with unacceptable behaviour

1.  Reprimand and reminder of the school/class rules

2. After three reminders, a time out in class

3. Time out in ‘buddy’ class

4. Formal detention with Principal

5. Parental Interview

6. Referral to School Counsellor

7. Individual Program

8. Suspension

9. Expulsion

Record Keeping

The class teacher and the Principal are responsible to keeping notes about student behaviour. These notes may be used to inform discussions with the student, parent or other school personnel.